Meet Homely House

A different kind of management


We started working in real estate 20 years ago.

We went through several real estate franchises that we all know, where the advisors rotated so fast that the clients never got to know their names and therefore never got any real training.

We worked in several companies where we learned a lot, especially what we did not want for ourselves and our clients.


Then we decided to set up our own company and another dilemma arose. All the real estate agencies were exactly the same: they promised to sell, they took all the properties, in any area and at any price...

A different kind of management

So 10 years ago we settled in an area in which we have thoroughly specialised and which we know as our own home.

We live there, we know all the shops, the neighbours, every building and infrastructure. ....

And we create a different kind of management, where our client is the owner, to whom we owe absolute clarity and the most exclusive work.


We didn't want to be just another estate agent, we wanted to be the estate agent of our neighbours, that trusting us was like trusting a friend and that they knew that we would always be with them, that they would never see one face replacing another in the same uniform. That we would always be their real estate advisors.