On the one hand, your home, with an immeasurable economic and sentimental value.
It is difficult to rent it to a stranger who you don't know will pay you or take care of it.

On the other hand, the knowledge that an empty property is an economic loss and that having it rented is a way of making it profitable and having a saved patrimony that generates a monthly profit.

We know the problems you face and we know the solutions to everything related to renting your property.


We inform you of your tax obligations as a lessor.


We request all documentation from the lessor to certify his solvency.


We ask for economic, work and behavioural references.


Financial scoring with solvency and payment capacity analysis.


Drafting of a lease contract according to the urban lease law, where the rights and obligations of both parties will be clearly reflected.


We don't leave once you have signed the contract. If the tenant or you need us, we will always be available for the duration of the contract.


As an owner we charge you absolutely nothing, so you only have facilities and commitment without any additional costs.


We arrange payment protection insurance or guaranteed rent.

Other type of rental

If you do not decide to rent your property on a long term basis and you are more interested in the short term or holiday rental option, remember that we also have a company that specialises exclusively in this type of rental, remember that we also have a company exclusively dedicated and specialised in this type of rental.

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